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Vase: Handmade ceramic Vase

Vase: Handmade ceramic Vase

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Handmade ceramic Vase, perfect for any home. Each piece is 100% handmade and is crafted on the potter's wheel by skilled artisans. 

This collection of vases is an extension of the artist's passion and love for handmade ceramics, enjoying every moment of shaping clay into something beautiful has driven her to make it a profession. This vase will make the perfect gift or an adorable addition to your own home.

Since each item is individually handmade, one may differ from the other a little in size and shape which makes them the most charming.

In stock and ready to ship.

NOTE: The colours of the piece may slightly vary from the picture. The prices indicated are per piece.

DIMENSIONS: 21 cm x 11 cm (Height x diameter) approx.

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