Understanding Our Commitments








"At Facets by Garima, we strive to strike a balance between design and our responsibilities towards the planet. We have been working towards a realm where beauty meets responsibility, and every masterpiece tells a story of sustainability. As we embark on this journey there are a few key points that we keep in mind and practice to minimize our ecological footprint.

Our ceramics are crafted with eco-conscious materials and minimal waste, we recycle every bit of clay, practice water conservation by using minimal water for clay preparation and throwing. We make sure our glazes are made inhouse, eliminating the risk of harmful chemicals. Our clay is sourced locally which reduces the environmental impact of transportation.

Embracing a culture of sustainability, we are committed to extending the life of our packaging materials. We make sure to unwrap the items without damaging the packing materials, ensuring that the material remain in good condition and never use cello tape on the internal packaging so that it can be reused with ease. We have also been successful in collaborating with other small businesses and community centres to share excess packaging materials. We do not shy away from using cardboard boxes that we collect from other conscious citizens for sending out the orders or modify the ones available instead of discarding them. We trust these small actions encourages and educates our customers to consider reusing and recycling.

All ceramics to be durable need to be fired in the kiln at high temperatures, which is one of the biggest causes of carbon emission in this process. To reduce and control our carbon footprint we fire our pieces in a fully loaded electric kiln. Unlike other fuel-based kilns, electric kilns operate with a higher degree of efficiency. This efficiency minimizes the overall energy consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and wastage making each firing a more sustainable pottery production cycle.
Another step towards reducing our carbon emission is we choose shipping our finished products over air freight. It is a lesser know fact that the journey of a product from creation to consumer is not just a logistical consideration but a crucial environmental choice. 
It is our conscious decision in the realm of photography to choose natural light instead of studio lighting. By utilising the sun’s natural brightness, we not only have the flexibility to create diverse captivating images, but significantly reduce the demand for electricity, contributing to lower energy consumption and decreased reliance on non-renewable energy sources. 


We at Facets by Garima believe in investing in the dreams and aspirations of our local artists. Our support allows them to continue to pursue their passion, contributing to the vibrant cultural mosaic that makes our community truly special.
Our artisans come from the family of traditional potters with only a limited skill set. Our initiative to train them is a testament to the belief that the fusion of heritage and modernity can bring a new life to their craft, foster motivation and renew a sense of purpose. By introducing new skills, we in our small but impactful way are trying to bridge the gap between the past and the future. Empowering our traditional potters from underprivileged backgrounds isn’t just about individual success: it’s about uplifting an entire community. We don’t just shape clay, we try to sculpt pathways to financial independence, resilience and a future where creativity is a beacon of economic hope.