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Welcome to the world of ‘Facets by Garima’ an extension of our passion for handcrafted ceramics. Made with love and precision they are more than just objects; they are a celebration of form, function, and the beauty of imperfection.

At Facets by Garima, we strive to blend the timeless beauty of ceramics with contemporary design, creating functional art that enhances daily living. The graceful contours and thoughtful designs perfectly define our ceramics. Our design interests are global, culturally diverse and infused with artistic inspirations. We derive our inspiration from the age-old Aztec prints, everyday life and travel and make them suitable for the new and modern taste by giving it our own twist.

We started as a one-person brand with our designer ‘Garima’ who founded the company back in 2020 and individually handcrafted every product she sold. Having proven product-market fit and ready to take a step further, we are now working with a team of talented artisans in India from under privileged socio-economic backgrounds. From the vision of one to the craft of many, our brand has transformed into a symphony of artisanal expertise providing livelihood and expression to many artisans.

Our brand, though still in its infancy, has had the opportunity to gain significant traction having been featured in local magazines1 & publications2 and with our founder, Garima Mittal, being featured in the Straits Times3 as one of the Artists to watch out for at Singapore Clay festival 2022.

We take pride in our sustainable practices, besides our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and functionality. Our ceramics are crafted with eco-conscious materials and minimal waste, ensuring that each piece is not only a celebration of artistry but also a conscious choice for the planet.

At Facets By Garima, we are committed to preserving traditional pottery techniques while embracing innovation, sustainability and socio-ethical responsibility.

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